Reminder: Negative Behaviour Won't Be Tolerated

Touch footy is a sport for all, and our referees deserve to enjoy their time behind the whistle too. If you're playing, coaching, or managing a team this season, any negative behaviour directed towards referees could see you excluded from the game.

In June 2023, the Townsville Touch Referees Association and Townsville Touch Football adopted new guidelines for referees when dealing with players and Team Officials that direct negative behaviour towards them.

These new guidelines were adopted universally across all TTF-run competitions, and are aimed at keeping our sport enjoyable for all particpants and officials, regardless of their role within our sport.

You can view the new guidelines by clicking here.

As part of the new guidelines, referees no longer issue in-game warnings for negative behviour that is directed towards them, with the minimum sanction now becoming a penalty against the offending player or Team Official.

With the Townsville Touch Football 'Summer Season' now underway, the TTRA, TTF, and Townsville Junior Touch Football (TJT) committees are issuing a strong reminder to our touch football community about these new guidelines.

If you haven't already read the new guidelines, we strongly encourage you to do so before your next game of touch footy, and help us in our initiative to provide a positive culture of respect and sportsmanship.